Welcome to Lavaux Immobilier Services Sàrl, in Lutry

You benefit of our experience we have acquired in the management of our own properties. We offer you a tailor-made service as we would have liked to find on the market as property owners. Lavaux Immobilier Services Sàrl is a global service for the management, rental or sale of your property as well as for the research of real estate investment or simply of a new place to live.

The inhabitants of the region have also at their disposal our concierge services freeing them from the time-consuming chores of daily life by assisting or representing them and taking care of these activities. Everyday services simplify their lives with our assistance or representation by taking care of all activities related to the house, the organization of the family life or the care and maintenance of their property.  

We are a small structure and we will take the time to take care of your property as well as ours. You will have only two interlocutors who are the managers of Lavaux Immobilier Services!